Catholic Sexaholics Are Still Going Strong

A new series of reports into Irish Catholic dioceses on Wednesday revealed horrific child sex abuse by priests and mistakes by Roman Catholic Church authorities in dealing with them.

Some of the cases detailed by the Church’s own child protection watchdog occurred as recently as August 2010, and the Irish republic’s Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald warned that still more abuse could be revealed.”

The story of Catholic priest’s sexually assaulting young boys (primarily) just keeps on giving.  So far the Irish seem to have the record for the most, and the most horrific, treatment of young human males in modern times…and I’ll bet they would also hold the same record in olden times too. The Catholic Church has almost always been ‘misbehavin’, in many ways, throughout its long history.  That they still have members is a miracle.

Right now I’m wondering how far this college child sex scandal will go…


Shut Down The Catholics

They have no compassion for the victims, and the pedophile cover-up goes all the way to the top.  You can be pretty sure it covers the whole church all around the world

This whole German pedophile priests thing is getting pretty darn close to the present Pope. He really did keep a pedophile priest in a position where said priest could continue raping young boys.  This is criminal behavior on the Popes part, and criminal behavior by the church.

Story here:
“Hundreds of victims have come forward in recent months in Germany with accounts of sexual and other physical abuse from decades past. But no case has captured public attention like that of Father Hullermann, not only because of the involvement of the future pope but also because the child molester was allowed to continue to work with altar boys and girls for decades after his conviction.

Pope Benedict not only served as the archbishop of the diocese where the priest worked, but also later as the cardinal in charge of reviewing sex-abuse cases for the Vatican. Yet until the archdiocese of Munich and Freising said that Father Hullermann had been suspended, he continued to serve in a series of Bavarian parishes.

In 1980 the future pope reviewed the case of Father Hullermann, who was accused of abusing boys in the diocese of Essen, including forcing an 11-year-old boy to perform oral sex. Archbishop Ratzinger transferred him to Munich.”
My underlining emphasis.

See whole story Here.

Ratzinger transferred Hullerman to Munich…where he continued to molest young children.

Is the Catholic Church not required to follow secular laws?  I’ve always thought NO ONE was above secular law.  The Church is acting like a criminal enterprise, and Ratzinger’s action seem to be criminal as well.

“Man is the religious animal. He is the only religious animal. He is the only animal that has the True Religion –- several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat, if his theology isn’t straight. He has made a graveyard of the globe in trying his honest best to smooth his brother’s path to happiness and heaven.”
–Mark Twain

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Should Catholic Church Be Shutdown??

Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland…these are the countries that are now embroiled in priestly sexual, physical, and verbal abuse cases, and more are expected in the months to come.

Physical, verbal and sexual abuse seems to go hand in hand with anything that involves children and the Catholic Church. I have said for years that it was endemic in the church and it was world-wide.

It never would have been as bad if only the church had handled it properly in the beginning.  But no, they had to try to protect their image by moving the priest around to a new diocese, thereby leaving them free to start over with a new group of kids, and stay in denial to the outsiders.  This of course proved disastrous to the poor children, which the church never really seems to care about…it’s all about their image.

With all we now know about the Catholic Church do you think we should allow it to continue to exist.  Should we make them sell all their assets and make reparations to the victims of their evil abuses?  Remember not just the last few years, but down through time this has undoubtedly gone on in diocese after diocese in country after country…always kept secret, but always going on. How many children do you suppose have been raped and battered by these evil people since the beginning of their cult?

Go HERE for full story

“We all remember how many religious wars were fought for a religion of love and gentleness; how many bodies were burned alive with the genuinely kind intention of saving souls from the eternal fire of hell.”
–Karl Popper

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Blasphemy Laws Not Dead After All

Well the new Irish Blasphemy law is effect in Ireland now. Here’s what some think about the law.

“Whether a person is atheist or any other, there is in fact in my view something not totally human if they leave out the transcendent… we call it God… I think that if you leave that out you are not fully human.” Because atheism is not a religion, the Irish blasphemy law does not protect atheists from abusive and insulting statements about their fundamental beliefs. While atheists are not seeking such protection, we include the statement here to point out that it is discriminatory that this law does not hold all citizens equal.” Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, 2009
Perhaps the atheists should incorporate as a religion and all the religious zealots would have to stop calling us “not fully human”…in Ireland anyway.

“May Allah curse the Jews and Christians for they built the places of worship at the graves of their prophets.” This quote was attributed to Muhammad on his death-bed as a warning to Muslims not to copy this practice of the Jews and Christians. It is one of several passages in the Koran and in Hadith that can give a scriptural foundation to Islamic anti-Semitism, including the assertion in Sura 5:60 that Allah cursed Jews and turned some of them into apes and swine. Muhammad, quoted in Hadith of Bukhari, Vol 1 Book 8 Hadith 427. And the Muslims just keep on lying as usual about their being a peaceful religion. Tell a big enough lie, long enough, and people start to believe it…well, stupid people will believe it.

Michael Martin, who is the Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, opposing attempts by Islamic States to make defamation of religion a crime…at the United Nations level in 2009: “We believe that the concept of defamation of religion is not consistent with the promotion and protection of human rights. It can be used to justify arbitrary limitations on, or the denial of, freedom of expression. Indeed, Ireland considers that freedom of expression is a key and inherent element in the manifestation of freedom of thought and conscience and as such is complementary to freedom of religion or belief.”  Not much later the Blasphemy law was proposed in Ireland by one of Mr. Martin’s colleagues.  The Irish, Brits and Scots legislators have a long tradition of not listening to their common folk and passing BAAAAD laws.

This blasphemy law is for all intents and purposes aimed at protecting the Muslim religious adherents of Ireland from badmouthing from the largely Christian English components of the country. This is basically the same law that Muslim countries in the UN are trying to pass off on the whole world.  This is another sign of how evil the Muslim religion is.  From any other religion there would be a tremendous outcry if an attempt was made to pass off this evil plan on the world.

We are still at the beginning of Islamic attempts to openly conquer the Christians and Jews  and eventually any others who disagree with their religious dogma, and make-over the world in Muhammad’s vision. The first step was the Twin Towers  on 9-11 to electrify and wake up their people to the power they can wield by unconventional warfare. Now we are in the second phase…make it illegal to criticize them.  Kinda what Hitler did…passed laws making it illegal to criticize the party.

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Demons and Devils and Popes, Bishops and Priests

“All the fathers of the church believed in devils. All the saints won their crowns by overcoming devils. All the popes and cardinals, bishops and priests, believed in devils. Most of their time was occupied in fighting devils. The whole Catholic world, from the lowest layman to the highest priest, believed in devils. They proved the existence of devils by the New Testament. They knew that these devils were citizens of hell. They knew that Satan was their king. They knew that hell was made for the Devil and his angels.”

As late as the middle of the sixteenth century, every infant that was baptized was, by that ceremony, freed from a devil. When the holy water was applied the priest said: “I command thee, thou unclean spirit, in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, that thou come out and depart from this infant, whom our Lord Jesus Christ has vouchsafed to call to his holy baptism, to be made a member of his body, and of his holy congregation.” At that time the fathers — the theologians, the commentators — agreed that unbaptized children, including those that were born dead, went to hell.

And these same fathers — theologians and commentators — said: “God is love.”

These babes were pure as Pity’s tears, innocent as their mother’s loving smiles, and yet the makers of our creeds believed and taught that leering, unclean fiends inhabited their dimpled flesh. O, the unscarchable riches of Christianity!

For many centuries the church filled the world with devils — with malicious spirits that caused storm and tempest, disease, accident and death — that filled the night with visions of despair; with prophecies that drove the dreamers mad. These devils assumed a thousand forms — countless disguises in their efforts to capture souls and destroy the church. They deceived sometimes the wisest and the best, made priests forget their vows. They melted virtue’s snow in passion’s fire, and in cunning ways entrapped and smirched the innocent and good. These devils gave witches and wizards their supernatural powers, and told them the secrets of the future.

Millions of men and women were destroyed because they had sold themselves to the Devil.

No man has genius enough to describe the agonies that have been inflicted on innocent men and women because of this absurd belief. How it darkened the mind, hardened the heart, and poisoned life! It made the Universe a madhouse presided over by an insane God.

Think! Why would a merciful God allow his children to be the victims of devils? Why would a decent God allow his worshipers to believe in devils, and by reason of that belief to persecute, torture and burn their fellow-men?

Christians did not ask these questions. They believed the Bible; they had confidence in the words of Christ.

How did your Devil, who was at one time an angel of light, come to sin? There was no other devil to tempt him. He was in perfectly good society — in the company of God — of the Trinity. All of his associates were perfect. How did he fall? He knew that God was infinite, and yet he waged war against him and induced about a third of the angels to volunteer. He knew that he could not succeed; knew that he would be defeated and cast out; knew that he was fighting for failure.

Why did God create those angels, knowing that they would rebel? Why did he deliberately sow the seeds of discord in heaven, knowing that he would cast them into the lake of eternal fire — knowing that for them he would create the eternal prison, whose dungeons would echo forever the sobs and shrieks of endless pain?
Robert Ingersoll late 1800’s

Remember people God never changes and he is a God of love….right….right???

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Truth Saves

More Catholic Sex Scandals

Well, once again folks the Catholic Church demonstrates just how holy and spiritual they are, and proved once again that the Catholic policy on sex and priests and nuns is derailing the Church. I’ll bet if they look real close at the Bible they will find there really isn’t any Biblical reason to keep their priests celibate.

Full story here

“DUBLIN – After a nine-year investigation, a commission published a damning report Wednesday on decades of rapes, humiliation and beatings at Catholic Church-run reform schools for Ireland’s castaway children.”

“The investigation of the tax-supported schools uncovered previously secret Vatican records that demonstrated church knowledge of pedophiles in their ranks all the way back to the 1930s.”

“A climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys. Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from,” Ireland’s Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse concluded.”

“The Catholic religious orders that ran more than 50 workhouse-style reform schools from the late 19th century until the mid-1990s offered public words of apology, shame and regret Wednesday. But when questioned, their leaders indicated they would continue to protect the identities of clergy accused of abuse — men and women who were never reported to police, and were instead permitted to change jobs and keep harming children.”

“The report found that molestation and rape were “endemic” in boys’ facilities, chiefly run by the Christian Brothers order, and supervisors pursued policies that increased the danger. Girls supervised by orders of nuns, chiefly the Sisters of Mercy, suffered much less sexual abuse but frequent assaults and humiliation designed to make them feel worthless.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll bet members/officials of the Catholic Church have been doing this for two thousand years and in every nook and cranny on earth where they operate.  We even have historical records of early Popes engaging in sexual no-no’s.   If you keep track of church related sex and pedophile scandals…you have to wonder if these people really think that God is watching, or do they know there is no God and they don’t have to worry.  It goes on daily, and unfortunately, in all Christian denominations.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how these sexual predators in the churches can be crushed and made to see how wrong this is?

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