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Women…Religion Wants To Control YOUR Body

The Religious right (most of whom are Republicans) are out to take away women’s right to their own body. In states around the country they are trying to get ‘personhood’ laws passed. This is a law that says that as soon as an human egg is fertilized it is a human and therefore has the same rights as you and I.  Following this line of reasoning if a pregnant woman somehow endangers her unborn baby…maybe having a few alcoholic drinks or smokes a cigarette  she is liable to be arrested for child abuse.

Following this malevolent line of reasoning to it’s evil and barbarous end we find that a women can be arrested for murder if she exhibits the above behavior and then miscarries.  Don’t laugh…just watch the video and maybe go to rhrealitycheck and read the full expose of religions evil plan to control  the bodies of all fertile women in the country.

And you thought the Dark Ages were long gone…


Behind all this is the ‘Lying for Jesus’ people and this is only a small sample of their deceptive agenda.

Republicans Will Let Women Die With NO Help

The Republican Party just continues its dangerous attacks on women. They are the most evil people in politics today…and probably tie with the Medieval Borgia’s of Italy.

“In their latest assault on women’s health, this week House Republicans will take up HR 358, the ironically titled “Protect Life Act.” Opponents have rechristened the measure the Let Women Die bill because it would allow hospitals that receive federal funds to turn away a woman seeking an abortion in ALL circumstances, even if an abortion is necessary to save her life.  See full story here and here”  (My emphasis)

They have no respect for the lives of any women in our world; they are arguably following the Christian Dominionists and Catholic Church thinking in punishing women for having a sex life.  This particular bill gives people the power to kill women who find themselves in dire straits…without recourse.

It is an evil and deadly thing the churches and the Republican Party are trying to do here.  They are slowly building an American Nazi Party where the ‘State’ can sentence you to death and all you’ve done is have sex.
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The Religious Right and Republican Party is Out To Kill Women

The Republican Party is out to kill women and/or their reproductive rights

Look out for HR3…a bill just passed by the house that is the most evil piece of legislation ever to exist since our country was created by those looking for liberty from religious control.

“…the bill will force all insurance companies in the country to drop abortion coverage.”  No Abortion for any reason…even if the life of the mother is in jeopardy, or the result of rape or incest.

This is the Republican Party and Christian religious rights agenda at its most evil…that agenda is to deny women any control over their own bodies.  They are taking on the role of the Big-Brother overseer of all women in this country…in sexual matters they will control women and you had better stay out of their way and off their radar or they will kill or destroy you.  This is tantamount to the creation of a “Religious Police” as found in Muslim controlled countries.

I have  made a promise to myself tonight.  I will do everything in my power and to my ability to work to kick out every Republican legislator from office…this is the most evil, immoral, vicious, malevolent, malignant, perverse, ugly, piece-of-shit law EVER to be proposed. It is a slap in the face not only to women, but anyone who values freedom.

“…they are opening a door to denying you the deductions and credits you take if you do things with your own money they don’t like.  Situations like denying mortgage deductions if you use your home for purposes they don’t like, or denying your charity deductions if they don’t approve of the charities, or just taking away your standard deduction if you pay union dues, or denying you the right to claim your children if you spend money on educating them on things like the realities of global warming. The door is wide open here.”

Your Republican thief’s voted in to office this last cycle are really going to screw America royally this time, believe it.

Evil Christians and Abortion

From: Stories about Women’s Rights campaigns on 
Written by Alex DeBranco

“Today (March 02-2011), I’m especially proud to be a proud New Yorker. This afternoon, the New York City Council took a step forward for women by passing a bill telling crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs): no more tricking women.

CPCs across the country are infamous for their manipulative, shaming, and downright deceitful tactics in trying to keep women from exercising their right to choose an abortion. NYC’s “fake clinics,” are no exception, caught by a NARAL Pro-Choice NY investigation frightening women with made-up risks of breast cancer and mental illness, and lying about the status of their pregnancy and the laws surrounding abortion (pdf). And they snare women seeking comprehensive information and medical care by presenting themselves as unbiased clinics. But it’s not Halloween, and the NYC Council now says: masks off.”  My bold emphasis
Full story can be found here

They are being very gentle and polite in calling what these CPC’s do “shaming” and “tricking”…I pretty much would call it lying through their teeth.

Just one more example of how Christians (Protestant and Catholic) have been lying their asses off to achieve their goals of complete domination of women’s bodies and souls.  They choose a time where women are at their lowest point and lie about everything relating to her condition…it’s about time that some politicians are standing up to the vile and evil religious fundamentalist crazies this country seem to spawn.

And, No, life doesn’t start at the moment of (or soon after) coitus…this is another example of how sadly lacking they are in any understanding of science.
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The Republicans Are Out To Get YOU

That Republican “scientist?” we all love to hate, Ms. Ann Coulter, has written a column wherein she says that the radiation the Japanese reactors are spewing out is good for the people over there. Read down to the comments section and then maybe go to P.Z.  Myers blog Pharyngula for his comments.

“Under a GOP-(Republican) backed bill expected to sail through the House of Representatives, the Internal Revenue Service would be forced to police how Americans have paid for their abortions. To ensure that taxpayers complied with the law, IRS agents would have to investigate whether certain terminated pregnancies were the result of rape or incest. And one tax expert says that the measure could even lead to questions on tax forms: Have you had an abortion? Did you keep your receipt?” Mother Jones Magazine

“Minnesota’s Republican lawmakers are, as expected, very angry about poor people. Why give those poor people money when we know they’ll just spend it on the hip-hop and fancy sneakers and for crack smokin’. So, the Republicans had an idea: Until any kind of welfare or assistance to the needy is completely outlawed, which will be soon enough, Minnesota should make it illegal for people getting “emergency cash assistance” to have any of the cash assistance in cash.”  So starts the sad story in Minnesota.  From Wonkette Welfare recipients could be arrested if found to have more than 20 bucks cash in their pocket.

“It’s good news/bad news time, Democrats. Bad news: The public doesn’t much like you. In fact, a whopping 60% disapprove of the job you’re doing in the latest AP poll. Good news: They dislike Republicans even more; 68% disapprove of them, and Sarah Palin and George W. Bush are viewed significantly more negatively than President Obama. But more bad news: The people who dislike Democrats are more likely to actually vote.”   The full story at

South Dakota Legislators Ponder Legalizing Murder

South Dakota is contemplating a law that would legalize the killing of abortion doctors, providers, or enablers.  Here

“The law that would legalize killing abortion providers is just one of several measures under consideration in the state that would create more obstacles for a woman seeking an abortion. Another proposed law, House Bill 1217, would force women to undergo counseling at a Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC) before they can obtain an abortion. CPCs are not regulated and are generally run by anti-abortion Christian groups and staffed by volunteers—not doctors or nurses—with the goal of discouraging women from having abortions.”   (My emphasis)

Of course this outrageous and plainly crazy attempt to stop abortion is from the religious right and the Republican Party (who are actually controlled by the religious right).  The Republican Party is just batspit crazy anymore…all of them.  I am ashamed to admit that I voted it for over 40 years. They are driving our country into the ground and blaming it on the Democrats.

They would rather spend trillions of dollars (nearly bankrupting us) on an un-winnable war than assist our own citizens and help the poor and elderly (a thing that Jesus was explicitly for).  They don’t care about our children’s education…they are the first to cut funding to schools and research, but totally fund all war efforts and all the illegal no-bid contracts that is making multi-billionaires of a few favored political contributors (think Halliburton and the like).

What totally bewilders me is how they are able to make the average Joe believe that it’s in HIS own best interest to not support healthcare…in essence to keep the heavy contributors to republican political campaigns (HMO’s, PPA’s) as middle men and allow them to suck up billions of dollars from OUR pockets and return only mediocre or inferior service.

Look up where America stands in healthcare, infant mortality, delivery of services, etc., Look up where we stand in services to the handicapped, the impaired, elderly care, education of our youngsters.  We should all be ashamed.  And for God’s sake keep the government out of women’s decisions on motherhood…this is not a proper place for government to be.
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Will We Ever Agree About Religion…Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 are immediately below this entry.

Hi John Andrew, thank for your reply.

You write:
“Do colleges, the media and the internet give you unbiased information?  You might think so, but is it really true?  It’s nearly impossible to write about how things are without letting your worldview – your bias – peek through.  And the only worldview that is acceptible by most colleges and high schools, and therefore their textbooks, is the kind of God-denying secularism they seem to hold in high regard.”

Well, I think the Main Stream Media (MSM) is very biased with only very few one-off exceptions. The internet is as biased as anyone can be…depends on the site you are on. The college textbooks on science are of course biased to science, after-all that’s what they’re teaching. You don’t want to teach or promote religion in a science class.  Of course that is exactly what the religious right is trying to do.

If you go to a religious college or high school that is supported and privately run by a religious group or association you might expect religion to be taught in science class.  If I send my children to a public school that is supported by government and my taxes I fully expect that religion does not enter into the curriculum. I expect that wall of separation that the constitution provides for to protect my child from someone else’s vision of religion or from religion all together.

You write:
“You seem to have a completely different view of our founding fathers’ reasons for setting up the wall of separation between church and state than mine.  My view is that they had learned – in some cases first hand – the oppression of both church-controlled state, and state mandated religion and wanted to find a better alternative.  They believed in the reality of sin.  They believed that every human being has the capacity for both great good and unimaginable evil.  The checks and balances were put in to limit the ability of any one man or even small group of men to dictate the laws of the society.  And the wall of separation was one of them.”

The wall of separation, or checks and balances, was to prevent the churches from taking over society again; the founders wanted a secular government that was not ruled by religious dogma. They respected religion, but feared its known capability and eagerness to take over and rule all things earthly.  They knew their history.

It is not public schools place to promote and teach an evangelical fundamentalists vision to my child.  If you really want to get religion into public schools, design a course that incorporates all currently practiced theisms, and make the course separate from science, and make it an optional class. Creationism or Young Earth Creationism or Intelligent Design is not by any stretch of the imagination science or scientific despite the attacks by some “scientists.” At some point all these Creationist scientists and their explanations break down and attribute God as a causal agent. “That’s it God did it…look no further.”

“I’m sure you’ve heard it, but science is purely naturalistic and does not accept the supernatural or magic as a causal agent of anything. If we don’t know all the facts or can’t explain it now, then we research it more until the ultimately natural cause is found.  And you know what… it’s always a natural cause. This is not just man being prideful or egotistical; it is a well proven method of solving problems and gaining knowledge.  Religion seems to be anathema to gaining more knowledge.

When evil men, in the early centuries after Jesus, grabbed the power of religion and used its power to subjugate all the surrounding lands it showed its true potential to suppress and degrade humanity.  It was Christianity, but it was not loving by any means. The evil men of these early years of monotheism tried every trick they could think of to convert all people to their faith. They brutally suppressed any variations of what they declared was the true path of-or-to God. You either converted or died, you either worship the way they want or you die, you accept our theology or die.  This is a real strong clue that this religion is not the work of a real God.

One forms opinions of people and institutions by their past performances and how they interact with and treat us and all they come in contact with.  We know how God treated the people he created, by reading the Old Testament, and in the times after Jesus by reading history.  This is history folks…its written down and attested to by witnesses, the OT is said to be true by Jewish historians, and the histories written about the Dark Ages and the later slaughter of Catholics by Protestants and visa-versa is independently attested to by writings and witnesses.  This growth and spreading of the Gospels that the early church promoted was not a Godly enterprise.

If the Christian God was actually behind this early diaspora of “The Word” and the “One True God” then I doubt he is a God of love…you’re being bamboozled folks.

John, I know you are bothered by my constantly bringing up the early times in Christianity, but what I am trying to get across is the point that all of the stuff that went on in the spreading of this religion cannot by any way imaginable be the work of a God, let alone a “loving God” I reject the thought that a God that I might want to worship…has killed or caused to be killed so many of us.  Don’t try to insert free-will or God was just killing bad guys…those excuses are lame.  My sadly deficient intellect says that things could have been done tremendously better than what we know happened.

I think that the early Hebrews just made it all up for their own unknown reasons and later folks picked up on it–not realizing how destructive the force could and would be.

You write:
“What overwhelms me is the colossal arrogance of anyone (and I’ve been plenty guilty of this, so I’m not just pointing the finger at you) who presumes to know more about the situation than God does.  Suppose (and this is just a speculation) his purpose in creating everything as it is now is to teach us?  Suppose He knows that we would never learn to do good unless we saw the consequences?  And suppose life is not just what we see in the here and now, and that everything you think, say and do in this life sets the course for your life in Heaven.”

Hey, 🙂  this is not arrogance at all…at least not in my case.  1st. point-I’m talking logic and God’s not acting in a logical manner, and I’m thinking that He’s acting like an ancient goat/sheep herder would think a God might act.  2nd. point-teach us???? How is it Godlike to cause so much suffering and death and destruction?  I’ll just throw that out and try not to think about it again.  3rd. point-Yes, there is always the chance I am wrong…I fully admit that.  The afterlife has been promised many times by many religions. I think it is just a gimmick to fluff up the enrollment ledgers.

You write:
“You’ve now said for the fourth time that Adam and Eve did not exist – not that the evidence suggests they didn’t, but that they flat out didn’t.  I don’t know, but that kind of unequivocal statement, made as if it were even possible for you to know, makes you what?  Over zealous?  I don’t see why you keep coming back to that.

I won’t say a word. 🙂

You ever hear a DA trying to convict a killer with circumstantial evidence?  How sure are they of the evidence?

You write:
“…The answer is that only someone with a limitless wealth of goodness can come up with enough to buy me salvation.  That’s why we need a savior, and it’s true whether Adam and Eve were real or not.

Why do you need, or why is Jesus selling, salvation?  Do you not lead a good life? Don’t you treat your family well, treat your friends and acquaintances with respect and charity? Do you have fleeting thoughts of pure evil or perversion of some kind?

I’ve heard that most folks lead lives of quiet desperation. How many of us humans go out and do evil things like be a serial killer or child predator or seriously cheat and steal from our friends or people who believe in us? Damn few when you consider how many people there are.  Most common people get along with very minor transgressions in their lives, like cheat at cards or gossip or tell little white lies.

Sometimes your church may find out that their preacher is a homosexual or drug user or is having an affair out of their marriage or have singles making a little whoopee.  Other than the murderers and predators and seriously bad folk out there, where is the sin in being and acting like humans have for thousands of years.

You write:
“Now, on abortion, here’s the thing.  When a woman or girl ends up with an unwanted pregnancy, approximately 94% of the time, it’s because she decided to have sex for the pleasure of it, and assumed that it would not have consequences.”

I can only repeat that I would seriously not want this girl/woman to have an abortion…however I would not want the government or church to deny her humane and safe access.  Maybe tell her she only gets one chance or procedure.  I don’t know…I just think that the government and church do not own this person’s body, as much as they like to think they do. Personal decisions to have unprotected sex vs. sex by rape or incest or known physical deformity are totally different matters and require different rules. Again this is a matter between a woman and her doctor, but rape and incest and deformity should be cases where ipso-facto the offer of abortion is there immediately.


I couldn’t find an 8 week embryo, but this is a 7.5 week one.  Notice the size reference in lower left.  This is about the size of a butter-bean.  This is not a viable human at this point, it has no higher brain functions or self awareness and I don’t believe there is any Biblical injunction against aborting at this stage or any other.

What should we do with a woman/girl who has an abortion?

If abortions are outlawed, as they used to be because of religion, and women/girls still have them, as they always did…what should we do to them?

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