Fastest Growing Religion in US

What is the fastest-growing religious group in our country?

A. Catholics

B. Southern Baptists.

C. Methodists

D. Lutherans

E. Non-denominational Christians.

F. None. As in…no religion at all.

I’ll give you a hint…I’m in that group, although I wouldn’t call it a ‘religious’ group…even though a lot of evangelical Christians like to tell me it is.

Go to the USA Today website HERE to find a state by state roundup of how the many various religious denominations or sects are getting along today.

There are 2 states that show ‘not-religious’ as the largest group.  Several states have not-religious as the number two on the list, and most all of the rest show that non-believers are the third largest group.

I view this as a positive sign that maybe humanity is waking up and moving into the present age and finally realizing that the 2000 year old book they call their Bible, is nothing but ancient nonsense written by men describing a phantom dream. There is no truth there…only myths.

Isn’t killing people in the name of God a pretty good definition of insanity?? Arthur C. Clarke

Truth Saves