Scientology….is it Real?

Wow, I have just perused a bunch of literature and websites regarding Scientology…. Pretty scary stuff.

Seems if you disagree with them (scientologists) you are automatically assigned the label of anti-religious hate monger or some such crap. They run a website called “Religious Freedom Watch” that goes after people that get too loud in their disapproval or bashing of the brethren. Reading the articles on the site, you can just feel the hate emanating from it.

I don’t know if the stories they tell about people threatening to bomb, kill, or destroy the “church” are true, but one thing I walked away from the site with was the feeling that they will do anything possible to make people stop expressing any negative feelings about the “Church.” In any manner.

Some of the stories going around is that the CoS (church of Scientology), hired private detectives to find dirt on a blogger that was saying something negative about them. They accused the blogger of being a terrorist. Others on their hit list are accused of being anarchists, neo-Nazi’s, propagandists, Anti-religious extremists, eugenicists, they are hiring the PI’s to search out old arrest records, and saying that they are vilifying “minority religions.” Oh, one woman was criticized for leaving her hubby and kids alone, for a short time, to participate in a picket line of a CoS facility
They go so far as to criticize one man because he is a proponent of James Randi, who they say is “a so-called Skeptic dedicated to attacking any belief for which he considers there is insufficient proof.” Well, yes, that is James Randi’s thing. He used to perform as a magician on various show business circuits, and he says that he knows a scam when he sees it. He’ll pay anyone a million bucks if they can prove something regarded as “supernatural.

I remember reading “elron” when I was a boy in the 60’s. His Sci-Fi writing was pretty good. I considered him one of the better ones, almost up there with Arthur C. Clark, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Robert Silverberg. But, then one day I came across “Dianetics.” I was pretty young then, but I still recognized that the level of bull crap was rising quickly. The talk about “Engrams” and “Auditing” with their little “E-meters” and “Thetans” was such obvious quackery that I was turned off of any of his works.

I never could have imagined that that book would have led eventually to a worldwide scam. Who would think that such luminary’s as: Will Smith, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirsty Alley, Mimi Rogers, Ann Archer, and “Bart Simpson” (Nancy Cartwright) would fall for it? And they have contributed perhaps millions of dollars…each!

An excerpt from Wikipedia that I think rightly categorizes Dianetics and Scientology:

“Hubbard’s original book on Dianetics attracted highly critical reviews from science and medical writers and organizations. The American Psychological Association passed a resolution in 1950 calling “attention to the fact that these claims are not supported by empirical evidence of the sort required for the establishment of scientific generalizations.”
Subsequently, Dianetics has achieved no general acceptance as a bona fide scientific theory. Many scientists have described Dianetics as a classic example of pseudoscience.

Few scientific investigations into the effectiveness of Dianetics have been published. Professor John A. Lee states in his 1970 evaluation of Dianetics:

“Objective experimental verification of Hubbard’s physiological and psychological doctrines is lacking. To date, no regular scientific agency has established the validity of his theories of prenatal perception and engrams, or cellular memory, or Dianetic reverie, or the effects of Scientology auditing routines. Existing knowledge contradicts Hubbard’s theory of recording of perceptions during periods of unconsciousness.”

Scientology seems to go to great pains to hide some of their core beliefs. They have their own ideas on where mankind came from (We’re space aliens), and what will happen at the-end-of-the-world (I’ll never tell), but you can spend years of time and tens of thousands of dollars to find out for yourself. I think the main requirement is the “tens of thousands of dollars.”

I wonder what their currant status is with the IRS?

The IRS, early on, proved that Hubbard skimmed millions of dollars from the “church” through dummy corporations. By the mid eighties defectors from the organization alleged that Hubbard had stolen as much as 200 million bucks. Wow. The IRS was hot on his trail (he was hiding out by then) when he died. Hubbard reportedly called new recruits “raw meat” and the prices he exacted from them were exorbitant…auditing sessions that cost as much as a thousand dollars per hour.

There are people out there who are falling for this scam just as fast as Islam or Christianity.

Remember Phineas T. Barnum? “There’s a sucker born every minute”

When some people deviate from reality, others are often hurt.”
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance