Laws are being broken…SRSLY

Hopefully our next president will re-instate the parts of the constitution that president Bush decided to remove. There seems to be some real doubt that it will happen. I am probably naïve, but I have always thought that our constitution was the backbone of our system of laws, the main ones that were never to be changed, could NOT be changed without proper ratification of most of the states

Our presidents and Senators and Congress people take an oath of office that says in part: “to uphold and defend the constitution of The United States of America” key words here being ‘uphold the constitution.’ Other laws that are passed are measured against this document, and if they are found to be contrary to said document, they are repealed. Am I right in this belief? Isn’t the oath that elected government officials take before they can hold office a legal contract that is upheld by law?

Do we as a nation, really think it’s right that the government can at it’s own will, change laws that our nation was founded on, change laws that are meant to uphold ‘human rights’? What of the will of the people? Are there any governments left that believe in ‘human rights’? Can it be possible that this power can be abused…You bet…is there any way to stop it…it doesn’t seem so at this point. Human rights are being redefined in our lifetime, in our country, and it’s not for the better.

There needs to be some way to address this problem, and you better believe it’s a problem. Let them keep stomping on us, and they will find it easier as time goes by. This is the way that all dictatorships begin, a slow chipping away at freedoms until it’s suddenly to late for the citizens to correct. They are enslaved and they don’t even see it coming.

Did you ever noticed that there are now laws that prevent you from speaking out to any government bureaucrat. Try talking to an IRS agent, or airport security guard, or policeman, or elected official. They will Taser you or throw you to the floor. I don’t mean smart mouthing, I mean honest questioning of their motive or means. It’s getting to the point that citizens have no recourse except to lower their head and continue walking.

Write a letter to your Senator or Congressperson…maybe if you’re trying to get some special consideration in zoning or something trivial you may get results. Try asking the hard questions and express serious concerns about the direction our laws are taking us. Good luck with that. These people are only slightly moved by tens of thousands of emails or letters. If the question is about something the Prez. wants or is a porkbarrel project of your elected person…not a chance in hell. Notice how sneaky they get at times; midnight sessions or unexpected or secret meetings, presidential signings. They’ll do what they want and then whine that it’s all for the greater good.

Nobody seems to care that untold trillions, yes I said Trillions, of dollars are disappearing, with no accounting for. Now the Prez. &VP just do it with out a worry or ‘by your leave.’ No one will question them. There is NO accountability in our government, and that needs to change.

Supreme court of course, is in Bush’s pocket.

What would you–out there– do? Would or should anyone do anything? Or, do you just want to keep your head down and keep on walking?

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Nukes in Iran?

President Bush made headlines back in October by warning that Iran’s nuclear activity
could be the cause of World War III.

He chose his words carefully: Bush did not say World War III would be the consequence of Iran attaining a nuclear weapon; he said, “If you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.

I would posit that they already have that knowledge, as does most of the rest of the civilized world.

“The latest U.S. National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran, which expresses the consensus of all 16 branches of the intelligence community…No Nukes in Iran and they are not pursuing the ability to make them.

President Bush talks like he still wants to go to war with them.

We have already spent our grandkids inheritance, and probably their grandkids inheritance on a lost cause. Last I heard over half a TRILLION DOLLARS. Sure to be much more than this when it’s all over, if ever.

We have arguably lost a tremendous amount of respect, trust, and prestige around the whole world. It’s a mostly invisible loss, but make no mistake, it will be felt by us Americans.

Of course the worst tragedy of the whole thing is that we have lost over 3,000 of our best young men and women. I don’t know about other people, but this weighs on my soul every day, even though they are not my sons and daughters. Our children are precious…to all of us.

Is continuing the war in Viet…sorry…Iraq, and possibly starting one in Iran, Really a sane thing to do?

How much safer is America now?? Have we made Iraq a safer, better country, have we made any of the rest of our poor world safer??

Unfortunately, world leaders down through time have always been able to spread propaganda, rallied the troops, lie to their citizens, and in general mistreat the humans they have control over. This administration, so far, seems to be repeaters of history.

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