Muslim Hysteria

“In our hysteria, we are mistaking loyal Muslim Americans and at least a billion peaceful Muslims overseas for a few thousand ruthless thugs who constitute the fascist wing of Islam.”
Clay Farris Naff, 08.26.2010 on HuffPo

Well my comment about this statement would be: how come these billion good Muslims don’t take down/out those few thousand thugs?  And how come those billion peace loving, family centered Muslims don’t get together and get rid of the totally misogynist and archaic 7th century laws and attitudes of the males in the Muslim culture.  One cannot seem to separate the religion from the existing governments that are controlled by Islam.

Their stated aim is to convert all people to the Muslim faith, by any means necessary.  The convert all doesn’t bother me, after all the Christians are trying to do this.  What does bother me is the; by any means necessary.  And different religions are generally not allowed to exist in Muslim controlled countries.  At least Christianity tolerates other faiths; however this may have to change for their own survival.  Really silly when you consider they are both supposedly praying to the same God.

The Christian “Thou shalt not bear false witness” has become “Thou shalt not bear false witness, unless it makes a non-believer look bad.”