Creationism and Science and Change

Science and Religion have…until recently, publicly fought over two issues.  Once, in the early 1600’s when Galileo Galilei dared to contest the Catholic Churches belief that the Sun revolved around the Earth.  The Church of course lost that battle, although it took hundreds of years before they admitted it, and they imprisoned the poor man for challenging their authority.

The second confrontation was on the subject of Evolution. When Darwin published his book On the Origins of Species, in 1859, I think every church in the world went bonkers in denial, and of course the Catholics were at the forefront of the condemnation.  This lasted until about 1950 when Pope Pius XII in his Encyclical Humani generas declared that evolution and faith were not in conflict. That was followed, in 1996, by Pope John Paul II, in his message to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, explicitly endorsed the findings of evolutionary theory.  So in essence what happened here is the Church just gave up, and in, because once again the preponderance of Real World evidence supported the side of science.

Now unfortunately the Catholic Church, although the largest, is not the only Christian congregation out there, and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of evangelical fundamentalist gnats flying around the bones of religion.

They are scrambling for dominance in the Protestant world and they are gathering souls and helping the best and brightest of their ilk to earn PhD’s and to write papers for their creationist journals where they argue that magic and the supernatural are true and ‘scientific.’ They want magic to be accepted in our school systems, all the way through college level, as how our world and universe was brought about.

They want to teach our children, our future generation, that the earth was created 6,000 years ago, and that dinosaurs walked the earth with Adam and Eve and Noah.  They want to teach that Neanderthals never existed and there was an ice-age after ‘The Flood.’  They propose to take the accumulated scientific knowledge of the human race and deny it’s truth, they want to tell our children that the scientist don’t know what they are doing…and are lying about their findings, and are probably in cahoots with Satan.

One cannot just listen to their rhetoric and say, “Well, maybe there’s something to it.”  You have to follow through with their assertions and question their motives.  They want nothing less than completely gutting our educational system, and by extension, our secular form of government. They literally want the Bible to be the ‘LAW’ of the land. They want their Christian Protestant church to rule over ALL of us.  They want their worldview to be controlling our destiny.  Even if you don’t believe their version of religion, they think they are right and should rule over you. They want an end to secular government and for theism to control all.

That’s damn scary.

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Neanderthals and the Bible

I’ve been doing some research on the Neanderthal race, or sub species, and following links, I ended up on a page of the answersingenesis website. They have quite a few pages of links to articles on Neanderthals so I chose one at random. The article that I chose was a fairly simple story with descriptions of their bodily form and probable habits, including the fact that they buried their dead, and often with flowers or personal bits of property. So far that pretty much follows the commonly accepted view.

Then I came to the end. What follows is the last paragraph of the story:
” None of this is surprising when we consider that they were not primitive evolutionary ‘links’. They were people, forced to live in harsh conditions, after the dispersal of humanity at Babel, during the great post-Flood Ice Age.

What was that? Did I miss something here? Where was I when that little tidbit of info was being passed around in the newspapers and journals??

So let me get this straight. The Neanderthals, who have different DNA than present day humans, were evolved from Noah or one of his sons? And there was another, post 12,000 BCE, ice age that nobody but the answersingenesis people knew about?

I have never run across any literature that supports, or even mentions the notion that there was a post ‘flood’…during the Bronze Age…ice age. Has anyone out there in the ‘ether’ heard of this? 🙂

That got me to thinking about the Bronze Age, which is a very well researched and documented period in the history of the earth and humanity(also, accurately dated) from about 6,000 BCE to maybe 1,400 BCE. Earths inhabitants were smelting and making use of this metal as tools, art objects, and weapons, and there are LOTS of remnants in the archaeological record. This is a fact that I don’t believe ANY proper scientist rejects, or seriously doubts. By proper scientist I mean one who doesn’t have a Doctorate of Divinity.

I wonder when ‘answersingenesis’ is going to publish this new scientific theory? I would look forward to reading and researching this fascinating, hereto unknown subject. I would also look forward to reading about how the human DNA was changed and which son, or perhaps it was Noah, was the father of the Neanderthal race.

I wonder how they reconcile the fact that all remnants of Neanderthals were found to be in strata that is far below Biblical times? Oh, that’s right, I forgot…they don’t believe in stratigraphy…it’s all the results of the ‘flood.’

You know, I think that just maybe, ‘answersingenesis’ is trying to pull the wool over my eyes, and maybe even yours.

If they believe this little bit of ‘history’ I wonder what else is in their minds?

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