Sunday Sermon…The Beginning of God

When you are given something…do you expect to go out and kill for it? I wouldn’t.

If God gave the wandering Hebrews the land of Israel (the Promised Land), why should they have to go and kill the original inhabitants of the land?

And what of the people that lived there and were slaughtered? Was God mad at them, or did the Hebrew’s just make that up to justify their evil killing and maiming of innocents?

God sure thought a lot of people were sinning back then, or at least the writers of the Old Testament thought so and wrote about. From what I understand the Hebrews thought people were ‘sinning’ just because they didn’t accept the Hebrew God, or wash their hands before a meal.

There were people all over the world that had religions, and were worshiping different gods. Yet this powerful almighty Hebrew God, liked to involve himself in mundane Jewish affairs and was constantly involving himself and then punishing and then helping, and then punishing, etc., etc., etc.

Of course he never showed himself, he was just written about. Scribes would write all this stuff down after the fact and explain God’s motives. You know what; if you just read this stuff as a mythological campfire tale…it makes sense. If one tries to make believe that these people were writing about things we should care about, it’s nonsense. And it’s just Jewish myth.

I kind of care that old Abraham was tricked into almost killing his son. How evil is that anyway. Think of someone pulling a practical joke like that on you. I venture you would try to kill the jokester.

The story of Job is what really disturbs me though. I can’t conceive of a ‘loving God’ allowing the macabre torture of this poor man just to settle a dispute with his own (gods) evil creation. Job had no concept of what was going on, he was a human pawn that was viciously maneuvered and lost most of his life’s accomplishments. This was an abysmal attack on a total innocent, that could not conceive of god doing this to him…or anybody, for that matter. Kind of like the 9-11 attack on the twin towers, this was pure evil, godly terrorism.

The constant line in the Old Testament seems to be death and destruction to all those who try to f__k with the Hebrews. They are establishing their place on earth by hook or by crook. It seems everything is written to make it seem that they are supreme because they have a god they can call on to inflict mayhem on their adversaries.

It’s myth, just old made-up stories that have no relevance to anything but themselves. The Hebrew’s were describing their personal cultural super-heroes. They were making up stories to give them standing in the world, cultural pride, and to maybe help themselves forget that they slaughtered innocents to achieve a homeland. We’ve gone full circle it seems.

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Biblical Flood Was Not Worldwide

The following story is semi-true, or maybe semi-false, I don’t remember. The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

“So, tell me Fred, what do you know about Noah’s flood?”

“What do you mean, what do I know?”

“You know, do you think it’s true; do you have any thoughts about it at all?”

“No, I don’t think it’s a believable or true story, I think it’s probably allegory.”

“Why would you think that? There are flood stories from civilizations around the world.”

“That may be, but most of the stories don’t have a close correlation to the Bible story. The only flood story that closely resembles it is The Epic of Gilgamesh, and it is written 400 to 500 years before the biblical one. I think it’s possible that someone took the Gilgamesh story and changed a few things and made it theirs. Besides, there is no real evidence of a worldwide flood, and no evidence at all for a flood around about the time mentioned in the Bible and in the area that Noah was likely to be at that time.”

“Well, I’ve heard that the evidence is all over the world and in all civilizations.”

Don, I don’t think that is true. Yes, there is evidence for floods all over the world, but it is for all different times in history. There was never a time when all the flooding occurred at the same time. And some civilizations that didn’t live near oceans, rivers, lakes, etc. never did have flood myth’s.”

“Well, a speaker at our church told us that all of the archeological evidence, you know, the layers of earth and such, are explained by the flood waters churning around on earth for a year or so.”

“I really don’t think that’s possible Don.” You look at the layers of rock and dirt and bones and artifacts in a archeological dig or in oil well cores that geologists take when they are trying to determine were to drill for oil. If you look at enough of these things and from all over the world you can’t help but notice that the first mile depth of the earth is sorted in exactly the same sequence. All the dinosaur bones are in one layer, all the trilobites are in another layer, all evidence of certain critters that have gone extinct are in another, and evidence of man is at the top. The layers that are found are the record of millions of years of life and death on earth, not only 4,000 years like they teach in church.”

Don smiles. “How do you know about oil wells Fred?”

“Didn’t I ever talk to you about it before?”


“Back in the early 70’s I worked in the oil business in West Texas, around Big Spring, Midland-Odessa, Snyder, and Brownfield. The company I was with surveyed oil wells to determine at what depth and in what quantities the oil was coming from. By the late 70’s the oil business in Texas went into the toilet, but anyway I learned a lot about Geology at that time. Also if you read any modern Geology book you’ll find much better explanations than I can give you. I don’t think the explanation you got in church is even close to the real facts.”

“Well, that’s only one thing. I’m sure there are more things that back up the Bible story.”

“There are a lot more things that don’t back up the story, than do. For example Greenland ice-cores go back about 40,000 years and there are things that you would expect to find such as sediment, changes in salinity, oxygen ratios, stresses, and more that I can’t even remember—and there is no evidence for this. The Polar ice caps are another example. A worldwide flood would float the ice caps off their beds and break them into pieces, and there would not be enough time to regrow them to the size they are now. Another thing is that we have tree ring data going back some 10,000 years and there is no flood indication for the appropriate time. Some scientists have said that a flood like that of Noah would leave certain traces on the earth’s seabed’s that they don’t see. But, you know what seals it for me?


“Egypt was building pyramids, had a written language and recorded everything, and they were right next door to Noah. They have no written OR geological evidence of a flood on that scale…Nada…Nothing. And another thing, in the UK the druids were building Stonehenge at this time…no evidence there either. There is much more, but I’m not a scientist and I can’t remember it all. You might want to do a little research before believing that story from church.”

The Biblical view of the World is wrong

If you are a religious person, what do you believe about the Bible? Do you believe it is 100% accurate as to real world events? In other words, if the Bible says that the whole Earth was flooded in Noah’s time, is that also your belief? If you do believe in The Flood, have you ever looked into the evidence for or against it? Do you know if science has supported the story, or disproved it?

What are your feelings about Adam and Eve being created about 6,000 years ago? Do you think that is true? Have you heard about the DNA and bloodlines from ALL of present day humanity being traced back to Africa and the relationship we ALL share with Africans? Have you heard that Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal people were certainly human and that they were living as long as 250,000 years ago for Neanderthal, and 50,000 years ago for Cro-Magnon? Did you know that ALL female bloodlines existing in the world today are traceable back to an “EVE” that lived in Africa some 160,000 years ago?

Now this DNA evidence is the same stuff that is used to put bad guys, murderers, rapists and such in prison and the electric chair. Do you think society has enough proof and is so confident that it’s true, that we can kill people based on it?

If you are an evangelical Christian today, you have to deny all of this, you have to deny radioactive dating works, despite the 10’s of thousands of times it has been proven and cross-checked with known historical dates. You have to deny most of modern day science in Biology, Archeology, Paleontology, Dendrocronology, Geology, Petrology, Botany, Embryology, Phylogeny, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Geophysics, and probably dozens more.

The fact is that living in today’s world, evangelicals are denying a lot of the science that makes living great in our times. If you are an evangelical reading this, how do you feel about it? Do you think that science is lying about the things they discover, or misleading, or wrong? Do you think that scientists are conspiring to deny to the world any existence or proof of a Supreme Being?

Have you ever thought about the story of Job in the Bible and wondered about a God that would allow Job to suffer through what he did with no explanation or thought of the mans feelings or thought of the pure terror he must feel? Is that your loving God? How do you feel about the genocide that a loving God perpetrated on the world of Noah’s time. Man, woman, child…
What do you think about the diseases that have been the scourge of humankind for millennia? Why would a loving God subject his people to the millions of deaths and unbearable agony of some diseases that have plagued us down through time?

Have you ever thought about the Tower of Babel? According to the Bible it happened about 115-125 years after the flood, so that would put it about 2260-2270BC. Now, at that time in world history almost the entire world was populated. The US census bureau (Really) estimates the world population, around that time, as over 15 million people. People were living in Australia, Europe, China, India, Central Asia, Japan, North and South and Central America, and the Pacific Islands were mostly populated by that time. Some of the Egyptian pyramids were already standing (Egypt, by the way, has no history or evidence of a flood in Noah’s time), and the Egyptian culture was in full swing. We know for a fact that Egyptians had a language. I think we can logically assume that civilizations all over the world had their own language at that time.

Archaeologists have uncovered and dug up and analyzed the Middle East and other ancient sites for well over a hundred years. The age of Babylon is over 6,000 years. Jericho goes back 8,000 years. Japanese people (The Jomon) were inventing the world’s first pottery 11,000 years ago. Neanderthals were burying their dead 50,000 years ago. Early modern man was painting cave walls in France 30,000 years ago. American Indians were hunting Mammoths in New Mexico and Arizona 12,000 years ago. None of this jibes with Biblical history.

The science behind it is checkable, repeatable and visible, and keeps growing year after year. The longer scientists work in their fields, the more the Bible is shown to be a book of myths. It needs some major revision to bring it in line with established facts. The sun does not revolve around the Earth anymore.