Be Afraid….Be very Afraid

Folks, if you depend on the internet somehow, maybe to earn a little money, or to blow off steam in a blog, maybe just to get the news of the day, your experience is going to change soon.

Check out this website, let your mind wonder back to High School civics class and slowly read the particulars of this proposed law (it is really expected to pass).

Remember the Bill of Rights? Kiss a very important part of them goodbye.

Although this law is actually aimed at Muslims, it very easily can be, and probably will be, used against American born WASP’s who don’t agree with the present and future Presidential Administrations, be them Republican or Democrat.

Your beloved internet will have a very important part silenced. The dissenting voices will all be gone in a short time.
The news (bad as the full reporting is now) will be a mere shadow of it’s former self. Expect Broadcast news and Newspapers to follow this demise.

Our government will be able, and you know they will, hide behind this law by a mere mention of secrecy or some such nonsense. No more transparency in government. Government incompetence will easily be hid

The things that this law abrogates, are the very things our forefathers fought and died in the American Revolution for.

Under this law, I will not be able to write this blog that I’m presently typing. You may notice I said “will not” instead of “would not.”

Remember Communist Russia and how dissension, not matter how small, was treated?
Secret detention/prisons….We now have that.
Torture….We have that.
Arrests and indefinite, no trial, imprisonment….We have that.
Spying on all citizens….We have that, and are MUCH better at it.
Think of internet spyders, warrantless wiretaps, training police, firefighters, and medical personel to report any dissenting voices, conversations, etc.. Think of the NSA’s ability to record, and pinpoint, all the phone conversations in the world.

When I tell people that they need to be afraid of this law, the response is usually. “So what, it’s only for the Muslim terrorists. Do you want to protect their rights?”

It dumfounds me. I end up trying to explain to them the principle of the Rule of law and how we are desecrating the American Constitution, our MAIN law of the land. I tell them to listen very closely to the words of the law and think about the Bill of Rights. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I’m not very optimistic about the future any more. I deeply regret that I am leaving a very different America to my children and grandchildren.

You may want to write to your senators in Washington. Use the link below to reach them.