Evolution…150 Years And Still Going Strong

“Any theory that can stand up to 150 years of continuous testing is a pretty darn good theory. We use evolution to develop drugs. We use evolution to develop vaccines. We use evolution to manage wildlife. We use evolution to interpret our own genome. Every one of these uses of evolution is a test, because if the use turns out to be inadequate, we would then go back and question the very idea of evolution itself. But evolution has turned out to be such a powerful, productive, and hardworking theory that it’s survived that test of time.”  “Dr. Kenneth Miller for Nova on PBS.  He is a professor of biology at Brown University and coauthor (with Joe Levine) of the standard high-school textbook ‘Biology’, Miller testified at the Dover trial as an expert witness for the plaintiffs…”


Personally I think it ought to be called the ‘Fact of Evolution’ now


Republicans and Religion

Since January of this year Religious Republican (and only Republican) legislators in Tennessee, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and New Mexico have introduced legislation to allow religious teachings in public schools. They deny that it’s for religion, but once again we find otherwise respectable people “lying for Jesus.” And what gets me is everyone knows it’s a lie.

Almost all of them have wording similar to this: “critical analysis” or teaching “strengths and weaknesses” and “Academic Freedom” I’m guessing that these people from the religious groups and the legislators they control don’t quite understand that we’re on to them, because they use the same wording over and over again from state to state.It is evangelical fundamentalist Young Earth RELIGION that they are trying to insert into the curriculum of public (that means state/government sponsored) schools.  They want teachers to lie about the science behind evolution and the history of the earth and humanity; they are trying to move their foundational mythology to the status of science, so they can guarantee the cultural reproduction of their views.

However as the National Center for Science Education (NCSE) puts it;

“Teachers have no freedom to misinform and miseducate students. It is scientifically inappropriate and educationally irresponsible to present ID under its own name or in any other guise as scientifically credible. And it is unconstitutional to do so in the public schools.” (My emphasis)

Some of these views are pretty amazing.  The Reconstructionist faction of the fundamentalists wants to eventually restore Biblical law over the land. They believe that many areas of society now under control of secular government should be under control of family, churches, or private organizations.

“For example, since the book of Deuteronomy assigns to parents the responsibility of educating children, state-sponsored schools are considered a violation of Biblical law.  Under Reconstructionist generally libertarian guidelines, the civil government plays no part in personal retirement plans, welfare, or regulation of business, other than to maintain order and restrain fraudulent behavior.  Minimum-wage laws and Social Security would be eliminated.  All inheritance taxes and gift taxes would be abolished.  Income taxes would rise no higher than 10 percent of gross income.” From: ‘Religion and Politics’, (1992) Bruce Barron and Anson Shupe, Praeger Publishers, Westport Connecticut

Do some of these goals ring a bell with anyone? The Republicans have been leaders in trying to get all government regulation overthrown for big-business, keeping minimum-wages low or non-existent, the elimination Social Security and Medicare is presently simmering under the surface, and they have been trying for years to get the inheritance and gift tax laws thrown out. And they want taxes on big earners to be next to nothing. A lot of these goals are almost attained.  We should really worry about this.  I don’t fancy living under a theocratic dictatorship, which is exactly what it would be.

It should be noted they also want to restore the death penalty for numerous offenses outlined in the Old Testament.  You know like: Adultery (I suspect this will backfire on them), homosexuality, dissing your parents and old bald guys, etc. 🙂
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The Upchucky Award Winner For 2011

The National Center For Science Education (NCSE) has announced the winner of the Second Annual “Upchucky” Awards. The Upchucky
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Evolution or Intelligent Design??

Scientific advisers from the National Academy of Sciences and its Institute of Medicine have released a new document emphasizing the importance of teaching evolution in schools. This is a follow up on a report released in 1995. This new study includes recently discovered evidence supporting evolution, including new and important fossil discoveries.

The report released today also takes swipes at Creationism and Intelligent Design.

“Despite the lack of scientific evidence for creationist positions, some advocates continue to demand that various forms of creationism be taught together with, or in place of, evolution in science classes,” the report says.

Evolution is a continuing topic of debate in many ‘Bible belt’ states. In Texas, Chris Comer, the state’s director of science curriculum, says she was forced to resign recently due to evolution politics. Comer had came under pressure after forwarding an e-mail that her Bosses felt made the agency appear to be biased against the instruction of intelligent design, an alternative to evolution espoused by some religious conservatives.

Intelligent design believer’s say that evolution cannot explain the universe’s order and complexity

Josh Rosenau, a spokesman for the California-based National Center for Science Education, which supports the teaching of evolution, said the new report is very important because the debate over teaching evolution in school is not going away anytime soon.

Casey Luskin, who is a program officer for the Discovery Institute, a Seattle religious think tank, that supports teaching students about the criticism of evolution, was critical of the document.

“Students should learn about the evidence for and against evolution,” he said.

An overwhelming majority of scientists, around the world, believe that Intelligent Design is an attempt to insert conservative religious views into school curriculum’s. This is against the constitutions ‘separation of church and state,’ directive.

Schools science classes are no place for religious arguments. Evolution does not destroy religion it ignores it.

The evidence for humans being alive on Earth for much more than 6,000 years is impossible to refute.

There is no scientific evidence supporting ‘Noah’s Ark.’ Creationists have been trying for over 1,000 years to find the Ark and any geologic evidence, and there is none.

Intelligent Design proponents keep arguing that the mile deep stratigraphy record that is actually a record of millions of years of our Earths past was caused by less than a years covering by the ‘Great Flood,’ at approximately 2250-2275 BCE. No credible or slightly credible evidence exists.

That leaves the Creationists and Intelligent Design people spluttering and complaining, but never fear, next year they’ll be back again.

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