God Never Was

God would have had to either make the Ark by magic or help Noah make it by means of magic because there were no tools or materials available that were sophisticated enough, at the time, to make a seaworthy wooden structure that big.


An Englishman named William Whiston1 wrote a book in 1696 (A New Theory of the Earth), wherein he calculated that as many as 500 million humans may have been born in the antediluvian period, based on early assumptions about lifespan and fertility rates. Now the Flood supposedly happened 10 generations from the creation of Adam and Eve. Ten generations of people that lived on average 600 to 700 years is a lot of time. However, if you believe Ussher and most of the old Christian apologists, the ‘Flood’ happened around 1600 to 1700 years after creation. So I guess the early humans waited 165+- years to have sex for the first time. His figures are probably wrong.

Modern scientists have estimated that around 2000 to 3000 BCE the earth had a population of anywhere from 5 to 50 million souls.2 Some scientists have postulated that the earth has been home to slightly over 100 billion3 humans in its long (4.5 billion years) history. Now this figure takes into account that modern humans have been walking the earth for well over 50,000 years, and the modern human population…50,000 years ago…was 2 million souls.

All the population data I have seen from righteous sources does not show a sharp decline to a low of 8 people (and believe me…that would show) in 2400 to 2300 BCE. All the worlds early historical records, that were being written at the time, do not show that all societies were totally wiped out, a catastrophe that would have taken thousands of years to overcome and come back to previous standards. None of the archaeological evidence shows this happening in our historical past, and the Flood times, if you believe religious materials, is in historical times.

Besides all the hundreds of other scientific proofs about the Flood’s non-historicity, the simple excavations and recording of archaeologists for the last 150 years or so has conclusively proven that no world-wide flood ever happened. The disruption would leave tremendous amounts of evidence and would disrupt our societies much more than they have ever been. Eight people is not a viable population that could have survived, and the DNA evidence rules it out…also rules out a 6000 year old Adam and Eve by the way.

Now I have had a Christian person tell me that the Genesis tales HAVE to be true because Jesus mentions Genesis, which means that he knew about the ‘Flood’ and therefore knew our history of Creation, Flood, Tower of Babel, etc., and of course the Trinitarians say that Jesus Was God, so he knew it ALL. So that seems to mean, at least to me, that if one disproves the Flood and other Genesis trivia…they have disproven God (and the divinity of Jesus). Of course there are hundreds of other things that disproves God…but this one above kind of seals it for me.

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Belief in God and Genesis

This is directed at Bible thumping, evangelical, Pentecostal, fundamentalist, believers in a personal God and Jesus.

People with enough sense to see through the flim-flam of modern day (and Old Time) Christianity can go about their business. 🙂

Answersingenesis puts the Noachian flood at 2304 BCE plus or minus 11 years.

Jehovah’s Witnesses place the flood at 2370 BCE. They don’t state an error factor, so I assume they’re pretty sure of the date.

Nowadays there is the story of the ‘Black Sea Deluge’ going around, and some are interpreting it as the reason for the many flood stories. It has been dated to about 5700-5900 BCE. This hypothesis (Black Sea) makes much more sense than the OT flood of Noah, as we know beyond a doubt that there was never a ‘world wide’ flood. They were all local.

One has only to pick dates between 2200 to 2500 BCE and then go to historical and archaeological data from around the world and do the proper investigating. There are no stories that can rightly be interpreted as “humongous world destroying floods” in Northern Europe, Central or Southern Europe, East or West Asia, India, Egypt, other Parts of Africa, Australia, North, Central, or South America….None. There is some geological evidence for small local floods, at different times, as one would expect when looking all over the earth.

Believers can talk till they’re blue in the face about many cultures having flood myths, so ours, about a worldwide flood, must be true….Wrong. The proven facts about worldwide population prove the Bible flood wrong beyond doubt. This also proves that the Tower of Babel story is wrong.

The Pyramids and Stonehenge were being built at the time of the Biblical Flood. We know, without any doubt at all, that most of the earth was populated between 2200-2500 BCE. The only way this can be denied is by using intentional stupidity as your criterion for looking at history. Every continent on earth was heavily populated at the Biblical Flood time. Hell, Mexico was experimenting with corn genetics 2000 years earlier than the ‘Flood.’

The Tower of Babel was 110 to 120 years after the flood, according to the Bible.

Do you think all these people living all over the earth were wiped out by a universal flood? Do you think you could possibly prove this? Of course not. But, it can be, and has been proven that it didn’t happen.

Do you think that all those tens of millions of people living all over the earth were talking the same language? Maybe grunting to each other? Of course not. They were using their own languages…the ones their mothers and fathers taught them…the ones people in their own countries were using for hundreds or thousands of years

The Genesis chapter is totally folklore/myth/old campfire stories. Modern day facts prove this beyond doubt. People who still believe this crap bunch of myths really need to get some education. Your church leaders…are leading you around by the nose, and you’re letting them.

The writers of biblical times were not even aware that there was a whole world beyond their limited, religiously driven sight. They were so taken up by trying to establish a reason for their being, that they had no vision of reality. They had no curiosity beyond their religion. They were probably the dullest, most anal people living on earth.

Can you imagine living your whole life in anticipation of something that never comes…Oh I forgot….you are. Can you imagine not quite fitting in with the real world because you don’t know (or worse, you deny) the facts of life? Of course you fit in with your fellow believers, but not really anywhere else.

I just can’t imagine living with your constant paranoia of thinking the Devil/Satan is looking to trip you up at any minute. Your constant dread of the original sin hanging over your head. Why do people do this to themselves?
I know the superficial answer, what’s the real one I wonder?

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