Orwell Was/Is Right Of Course


How Not to Elect a President

Once again the Republicans are out there stealing people’s votes in a presidential election. The electronic machines are coming up “McCain” when Obama is voted for.



Electronic voting machines can easily be hacked and made to falsify people’s votes.


It seems the Republicans will continue the ‘dirty tricks’ campaigning as usual this year. We are experiencing unprecedented ugly phone calls, misleading mail, misleading TV ads, outrageous comments.  The RNC is up to its usual propagandizing by inserting thousands of ugly rumors about the opposition into mainstream communications.  “He’s a Muslim”, “He was born in Haiti”, “He will fill the government with blacks and they’ll eat your babies”, “He’ll make all the white people bow to him”, “His tax policy means all small businesses will lay off 20% of workers”, “He’ll tax small business people so bad they’ll close”, “He’s a n—-r, and white people don’t want him as their leader”.  The amount of racist crap coming out of the RNC playbook is a disgrace, and those Republicans should be ashamed of the lies they are spewing…and, they really need to stop tampering with the American voters.

More than any other time in my memory of this country’s history, we are facing a sea-change that has the potential to plunge the whole world into darkness once again.  Take the time to read the issues and take care to vote and make the voice of reason sound out and prevail.

Breaking the law again


An article from the New York Times.
Once again ol’ GW and the GOP are breaking the law and trying to justify it.Paying journalist to make up propaganda for US citizens
Seems like the taxpayer is paying for lies to be spread to our own citizens.