God Never Was

God would have had to either make the Ark by magic or help Noah make it by means of magic because there were no tools or materials available that were sophisticated enough, at the time, to make a seaworthy wooden structure that big.


An Englishman named William Whiston1 wrote a book in 1696 (A New Theory of the Earth), wherein he calculated that as many as 500 million humans may have been born in the antediluvian period, based on early assumptions about lifespan and fertility rates. Now the Flood supposedly happened 10 generations from the creation of Adam and Eve. Ten generations of people that lived on average 600 to 700 years is a lot of time. However, if you believe Ussher and most of the old Christian apologists, the ‘Flood’ happened around 1600 to 1700 years after creation. So I guess the early humans waited 165+- years to have sex for the first time. His figures are probably wrong.

Modern scientists have estimated that around 2000 to 3000 BCE the earth had a population of anywhere from 5 to 50 million souls.2 Some scientists have postulated that the earth has been home to slightly over 100 billion3 humans in its long (4.5 billion years) history. Now this figure takes into account that modern humans have been walking the earth for well over 50,000 years, and the modern human population…50,000 years ago…was 2 million souls.

All the population data I have seen from righteous sources does not show a sharp decline to a low of 8 people (and believe me…that would show) in 2400 to 2300 BCE. All the worlds early historical records, that were being written at the time, do not show that all societies were totally wiped out, a catastrophe that would have taken thousands of years to overcome and come back to previous standards. None of the archaeological evidence shows this happening in our historical past, and the Flood times, if you believe religious materials, is in historical times.

Besides all the hundreds of other scientific proofs about the Flood’s non-historicity, the simple excavations and recording of archaeologists for the last 150 years or so has conclusively proven that no world-wide flood ever happened. The disruption would leave tremendous amounts of evidence and would disrupt our societies much more than they have ever been. Eight people is not a viable population that could have survived, and the DNA evidence rules it out…also rules out a 6000 year old Adam and Eve by the way.

Now I have had a Christian person tell me that the Genesis tales HAVE to be true because Jesus mentions Genesis, which means that he knew about the ‘Flood’ and therefore knew our history of Creation, Flood, Tower of Babel, etc., and of course the Trinitarians say that Jesus Was God, so he knew it ALL. So that seems to mean, at least to me, that if one disproves the Flood and other Genesis trivia…they have disproven God (and the divinity of Jesus). Of course there are hundreds of other things that disproves God…but this one above kind of seals it for me.

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1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Whiston
2. http://ehistory.osu.edu/world/index.cfm
3. http://www.prb.org/Articles/2002/HowManyPeopleHaveEverLivedonEarth.aspx

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Migratory Humans in North America

Very interesting site with a long list of dates and probable happenings up and down the Mexican, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Colombian coast from a Veeerryyy long time ago. Evidences of Man/Women traveling around this part of the planet from more than 20,000 years ago…way more. The Chinese, Japanese, and other Asiatic people were no doubt visiting and settling in North America, long before the white Europeans came to the East coast.  http://www.telusplanet.net/dgarneau/indian2.htm

I don’t think the last story has been written about the many travels and accomplishments of ancient man/women across the time stream of this earth.

The Biblical story of human Genesis purported to be some 6,000 years ago in the Middle East has occupied and limited our vision for way too much time.  It has caused so much doubt of what the scientists have been saying for hundreds of years. We need to listen to them, as they are telling the real story of humanity.

Humans have accomplished so much more than a lot of people think. We have traveled the globe from early on; invented so much, so early on, but religion keeps trying to hold us back, to stop the advances, to saddle us with non-existent magic and supernatural and demons and the sins (?) of our fore-fathers.

Well anyway, check out the site when you have time, it has some really interesting time-lines. When you come across the geological sea level data, think about all the Native American flood myths.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About God

“When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” (Bishop Desmond Tutu)

From time to time I visit various religious websites and read the literature and views they are espousing. Today I visited “All about God” and followed some of their links where they present ‘evidence’ that the flood never happened, the eye is impossible for evolution to come up with, the second law of thermodynamics says that evolution is impossible, God is not a delusion, how evolution cannot explain everything, therefore it must be wrong, Dinosaurs and men walked together, and many many more.

These are old arguments, which have long ago been discredited and proven wrong by later science. The one that gets to me the worst is how evolution can’t explain everything …therefore it’s wrong. The religious person would have us leave it there and not refine it more…we can’t explain it therefore God did it. No more research or investigation…God did it and that’s that.

We have had that before and it was called the “Dark Ages”…and it wasn’t pretty. People running around thinking they have God on their side are very dangerous. They get it in their head that they can kill and torture people (this is one of the very strong reasons I believe this God is false) because of what said people think. We can’t afford to let that happen ever again.

How can God be three, yet one?

Ran across this phrase on Google today, and it led me to think; if a square circle was mentioned in the Bible, do you think we humans would still be trying to make one? Since it was mentioned in the Bible, do you think that Christian fundamentalists would be bending over backwards trying to explain it to the Godless? I’ll bet you they would. 🙂

I heard the news yesterday that the Catholic Church has given the official okey-dokey to believe in aliens-No, not the kind that cross our borders, but the kind that fly around in those saucer shaped things.

“Writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, said intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.
“Just as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin” (Gee, you think?), he speculates. “My emphasis and comment”
Father Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory near Rome, is a respected scientist who collaborates with universities around the world.” From BBC News

Now I seem to remember being told that we humans were really special and irreplaceable in Gods eyes and it seemed to be implied that we were alone in the universe. We were the saved ones.

We are getting pretty good at finding planets circling around other stars, and we will get better at it when new space telescopes come online. There’s a real good chance there is other life out there. It will be interesting to watch church theology and apologetics evolve, if in fact we do find other life.

And on a…kinda…related note, The UK Ministry of Defense has announced they are going to release nearly 200 files on their investigations of UFO’s of the last 30 years or so. Hmmm, is there something going on here? From BBC News

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Sunday Sermon for Evolutionists

In May of 2007 the Gallup poll ask Americans this question: “Do you, personally, believe in evolution or not.” This was probably not the correct way to word this question, since there are actually two different beliefs in evolution. There is Theistic Evolution, where believers think that Evolution was started by God and then left alone. Then there is Natural Evolution, where Evolution was purely natural without outside forces (God) aiding the process.
Now this had the actual effect of combining non-believers and partial-believers together. The way the question was asked did not separate the Theists from the non-Theists, and the basic outcome was a statistical dead heat.

  • 49% believe in “Evolution.”
    48% do not believe in “Evolution.”
    2% had no opinion
    I don’t know what happened to the other 1%

    Level of education had an effect on what beliefs were; to no ones surprise.

    74% of people with masters or higher degrees believe in Evolution
    48% of people with college degrees believe in Evolution
    50% of adults with some college believe in Evolution
    41% of adults with High School or less believe in Evolution

To kind of bring this together, one can go back to November of 1997, for another poll conducted by Gallup where it was found (thru using better questions) that those believers in Evolution could be broken down thusly:

  • 40% believe a God Started Evolution
    9% believe in a purely natural evolution

I haven’t seen any more recent surveys, using good questions, but past data suggests that the numbers don’t significantly change from year to year.

So, in the USA at least, the non-believers are a “Big Minority” 🙂 We people that call ourselves non-believers, atheists, agnostics, or whatever, are a really small group-in the USA. But, it is nice to know that whether one is right or wrong in this matter is not decided by polling the public. We come from the place of believing in the logic and proofs of science. We look at physical proofs that can be empirically tested, not mythical tales that involve magic.

We can look at evidence from dozens and dozens of sciences that are unanimously saying that most of what religion teaches and believes is not true. Even the “soft sciences” such as world history, biblical scholarship and linguistics, are disputing biblical tales that have been believed for nearly two thousand years. I mean, do you seriously think that the humans that were spread over almost every continent on earth 12,000 years ago were speaking the same language?

We have a growing tide of knowledge coming our way…every day. I don’t think many Christians yet realize how far gone their “truths” are. Some of the things now known are able to debunk religion by proving parts of the Bible wrong. If one, or two, or three parts are wrong…how about others?

Sidebar: Newsweek magazine in 1987 (yea…I know) said; “By one count there are some 700 scientists with respectable academic credentials (out of a total of 480,000 U.S. earth and life scientists) who give credence to creation-science…” That means that less than one half of one percent of scientists support the biblical creation of earth and man.

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Intelligent Design…I Can’t get no Respect.

Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget. – Cheop’s Law. I just knew contractors were always like that :}

People who subscribe to the Intelligent design “theory” are constantly complaining that nobody accepts their “theory.” What they mean is, no real scientists or serious science journal accepts what they say; so consequently, they get no respect.

What they invariably forget to mention is that their “theory” depends on the acceptance of magic as a part of the real world. I can see why they don’t mention this, as there has never been an instance of verifiable, repeatable, testable magic in the whole history of our world.

Have you, or anyone you know, ever been witness to magic? If you think this happened, have there been witnesses, and has it been widely acknowledged as a true event? Don’t say the Bible either, as this book is widely known to be copies of copies and parts are known to be allegory and other parts could be made up theology. Also, the man who went around raising dead people, curing leprosy, and had thousands of followers is not supported in non-biblical writing. I know two billion people believe in it, but one billion people are Hindu’s, with a whole nother’ belief in world history, and apparent validity of their own Gods.

There is, of course, no recognizable physical support for any of the ‘God as a spirit’ believing religions, and there never has been. Of course ID people try to turn this around by saying that there is no evidence for evolution, conveniently forgetting that Darwin has been gathering steam for 150 years, long before ID was even a gleam in anybodies eyes, and it keeps getting stronger in proofs. The ID people need to accept that and stop trying make our whole world fit into their rather small and smothering mold.

All the “facts of science” that ID people advance, generally sound plausible to the layman, or even to the well educated sometimes. But, this same “fact”, when given to someone who is schooled in the science in question, the ID argument invariably falls apart. And the problem for the ID’ers is all of the sciences are advancing so rapidly now that even they can’t stay ahead of the curve.

The biggest problem facing the Intelligent Design fans is that they have so far been unable to come up with any convincing science or proofs to back up their claims. All of their claims (except the paranormal ones, that are inherently un-provable) have been disproved in the real world of physical sciences.

In the February issue of the conservative magazine ‘Townhall‘ (they can be found on the internet at townhall.com) a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, David Klinghoffer, bemoans the fact that people that believe in ID get no respect at mainstream universities. In fact they usually hide their belief from fear of being fired. He writes of Guillermo Gonzalez, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Iowa State University who was denied tenure, reputedly because of his being outspoken on ID. He goes on to describe others who have suffered in the science community because of their beliefs in intelligent design religion.

I wonder if the universities are doing this so they don’t get into the same situation as Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, where Michael Behe, author of various ID friendly books is a professor of biochemistry. The Department of Biological Sciences department, of which he is of course a member, had to come up with a disclaimer, telling the world that they do not subscribe to professor Behe’s theories. Following is that disclaimer:

Department Position on Evolution and “Intelligent Design”
The faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences is committed to the highest standards of scientific integrity and academic function. This commitment carries with it unwavering support for academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas. It also demands the utmost respect for the scientific method, integrity in the conduct of research, and recognition that the validity of any scientific model comes only as a result of rational hypothesis testing, sound experimentation, and findings that can be replicated by others.

The department faculty, then, are unequivocal in their support of evolutionary theory, which has its roots in the seminal work of Charles Darwin and has been supported by findings accumulated over 140 years. The sole dissenter from this position, Prof. Michael Behe, is a well-known proponent of “intelligent design.” While we respect Prof. Behe’s right to express his views, they are his alone and are in no way endorsed by the department. It is our collective position that intelligent design has no basis in science, has not been tested experimentally, and should not be regarded as scientific.” My emphasis.

I think this is a fair position for the university to take, as they have to compete for serious students and faculty in the real world. Let the ID proponents form their own institutions of higher learning, get accreditation, and compete for credibility. I might add that professor Behe’s testimony in the Kitzmiller vs. Dover School District was singled out by the judge as specious, and that: “intelligent design is not science but essentially religious in nature.”

It helps if you remember that a number of right wing religious organizations are trying to make the whole United States a theocracy…that is; religiously ruled and dominated by evangelical leaders…and real science…no longer taught in our schools.

Now, we as a country have some real problems admittedly, but compared to countries that are ruled by religionists, we are a profound “Paradise.” Can you even imagine how deeply disturbed our society would be if we gave up scientific inquiry in this country or indeed, the whole world?

Can you conceive of a world where trying to understand the physical universe would be considered blasphemy?

Perhaps punishable by brainwashing in government facilities.

Where you would be punished for trying to consider reality.

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