Muslims Want To Kill Americans Everywhere

Today in a videotaped eulogy for dead 🙂 al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden his deputy warned America that they face an international community of Muslims that seek to destroy it and its allies.

Full story can be found here:

Well so much for warm fuzzy feelings and normal relations with the Muslim community all over the world.  I’m just sitting here and thinking of how the greater Muslim community would react if there was a large group of American terrorists vowing to slaughter and maim all followers of Islam wherever they are found in the world.  They key to this scenario is that our government would round up any members of an American terrorist group, jail them, and throw away the key.

Muslims for some unknown reason cannot seem to do this to their own terrorist groups…I wonder why.
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Are There Really “Peaceful Muslim’s”

Can Muslims ever really integrate into modern secular societies?

Once again the “Peaceful Muslims” are creating mayhem and death against Coptic Christians in Egypt.  The Muslims are a sect called Salafis…they are extremely ultraconservative and they are getting increasingly hostile towards Egypt’s Coptic community and attacking individuals and Coptic churches.  The armed forces and military leaders are not stopping the assaults or protecting the churches, so some of the Copts are fighting back creating a very volatile situation.

So, I just keep wondering when this “Peaceful Muslim” community is going to show itself.  I keep hearing about it, but it doesn’t ever seem to show itself.  Everywhere there are large Muslim communities there is unrest and criminal activities involving the Muslim’s  I posit that if there really was a large moderate Muslim group that they would put a quick stop to the terrorist activities that this “small minority” of extreme Muslims are engaged in.  Surely if the moderate Muslims are as plentiful as asserted they could control their evil brothers actions.

To answer the question at the top of the page…I seriously doubt it.

Should modern societies change to accommodate the Muslim religion…Never

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Thought Crime in England

An interesting case just came to an end in England today. Samina Malik, a 23 year old English Muslim woman, was sentenced At the Old Bailey yesterday, by Judge Peter Beaumont, the Recorder of London.

He sentenced her to nine months’ prison, suspended for 18 months, and ordered her to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work. after already having been in custody for 5 months and spending 9 months of “extremely rigorous” bail conditions which were “tantamount to house arrest” (Lawyer talk).

Her crime was being stupid.

And she wrote poetry, which unfortunately for her, was sympathetic to Muslim Terrorists, and got her noticed.

And she visited the wrong websites.

“Samina Malik was being prosecuted in effect for a thought crime because she had
downloaded some material from the internet which anyone could download.”
Mr Bunglawala (Lawyer) said: “The case demonstrated how ill-conceived and incredibly broad-ranging the law is under Section 58 of the Terrorism Act. Teenagers download some quite nihilistic material every day and they are not prosecuted.”

In a statement, the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Samina Malik was not prosecuted for
writing poetry. Ms. Malik was convicted of collecting information, without reasonable excuse, of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

“The Terrorism Act and the restrictions it imposes on the personal freedom exist to protect
this country, its interests here and abroad, its citizens, and those who visit here. Its protection
embraces us all. Its restrictions apply to us all, whatever our personal religious or political

Having read parts of her two poems that were in evidence, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for her.
She is not a teenager anymore and the reality of life in England is that there is a very large Muslim population, and the average WASP is very uneasy, after suffering Subway bombings by homegrown Muslims.

The Mullah’s in England do not seem to condemn their homegrown terrorists very strongly, which only adds to the problem.

Muslims the world over need to understand that governments and people that Muslim terrorists target are going to react very quickly and very harshly. They need to teach that to their children. Terrorism will not be tolerated.

Governments also need to watch very closely how they approach “thought crimes” as there is a real chance of sinking to the level of the antagonist governments in the novel 1984….

That “Collecting Information, Without Reasonable Excuse.” really worries me. How about you?

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The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

Brothers and sisters, I can hardly believe the law that Congress is about to enact. The title is above, and the contents of said law would chill a corpse…

The First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments
in the Bill of Rights have all will all be canceled. It won’t be the illegal end runs around the constitution that is going on now.

It will be codified and on the books–you will NOT be allowed to criticize our government.

You will NO LONGER have some constitutional HUMAN RIGHTS that we and our ancestors have enjoyed (and fought for) for over 230 years. My people have been in this country for 200 years, and it would make me ashamed to face them.

This is changing the constitution from the back door in a way that is, or should be, so illegal that every one of the 300 million people in this country should be descending on our representatives and screaming at them to stop this madness.

Stop and take a minute and think this through. OUR HUMAN RIGHTS we enjoy here in America are going to descend to the level of a number of third world countries. Think of Pakistan, think of Iran, think of Russia, think of Myanmar.

What I am writing right now will be illegal and the GW Bush SS TROOPS (Democrats are in this too) will be able to arrest me. They will be able to take me in custody, never allow me to have a day in court, seize all my assets–no matter how poor I am–torture me, and deny that they even have me in custody.

This is serious people, this is knock on your door in the middle of the night serious, this is not some scare tactic, it is really going to happen… Your Representatives in Washington–Congressmen and Senators–are selling us out–for real.

A quote from Mr. Phillip Giraldi, in The Huffington Post:

“The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The Act, which was sponsored by Congresswoman Jane Harman of California, was passed in the House by an overwhelming 405 to 6 vote on October 24th and is now awaiting approval by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is headed by Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. It is believed that approval by the committee will take place shortly, to be followed by passage by the entire Senate.”

” The two Patriot Acts of 2001 and 2006 and the Military Commission Act or 2006 have collectively limited constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of association, freedom from illegal search, the right to habeas corpus, prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment, and freedom from the illegal seizure of private property.”

The Full Article:

Philip Giraldi: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

From the Huffington Post.

This is The Most Ill Conceived Law Ever.

Government: Get it done, or else….

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. – Many hundreds of parents facing a threat of jail, lined up at a courthouse Saturday to either prove that their school-age kids already had their State required vaccinations or see that the youngsters submitted to the needle immediately.

Circuit Court Judge C. Philip Nichols ordered parents to appear at the courthouse on Saturday and either get their children vaccinated, on the spot, or spend up to 10 days in jail. They could also provide proof of vaccination or an explanation why their kids didn’t have them.

Several organizations that are opposed to mass vaccinations demonstrated outside the courthouse. While the medical consensus is that vaccines are safe and effective, some parents and doctors blame immunizations for a rise in autism, ADHD, and other medical problems in young children.

Jut think about it for a minute….Your friendly government telling you that you must have a possibly unsafe substance injected into your child…or go to jail.

I think it won’t be long before the government is telling you that you have to have a RFD tagged ID card (2008) or you can’t travel or walk into Federal buildings. Of course the RFD tagged human body is next.

Just think how much more convenient it will be for law enforcement, Local, State, and Federal Agencies to keep the peace, and keep us safe from “the terrorists.” The RFD’s can be read from a distance. Everyone can be tracked wherever they go, shop, recreate,etc. and it’s all automatically recorded for future scanning if somehow you are close to a “Event.”

Of course the governments all have our best interests at heart, so it will “never” be used in a bad way.
Yea, right…but if you refuse…Jail.
In societies best interests of course.