Kiss The 1st. Goodbye

Listen up kiddies, they’re at it again.  It’s happening in small bites scattered here and there so most people don’t even realize what’s going on.  We citizens have no say anymore.

Under the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act passed in 1998 the Obama administration has shut down 73,000 blogs this week which were hosted on the WordPress based hosting service. Initially the target was a small group of sites which were involved in illegal file sharing, but ultimately a request was issued to BurstNet, the’s  hosting provider, to shut down the entire network of 73,000 blogs, most of which were engaged in no illegal activity, including harmless sites like Science Experiments for Kids and political sites like Tea and Politics.
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God and Censorship

“we know god is real at wordpress”

The above is a search term that was used to get to my blog today (3.16.08) If you are a WordPress blogger you know that you have a daily stat page that will list all search terms that led to you if you have blogged about the subject.

Well I have written about God. The blog title is: “Is God Even real?” It was published online on 2.25.08 and it was, of course, here on WordPress

This kind of baffled me, but I didn’t think it was TOO sinister.

Later in the day I am searching Google and one page of search results for my site had that particular blog post listed as possibly harmful to your computer if you logged on to it. WTF… Then I searched all listings for my website on Google…The only one I could find that had that “harmful” message, was: “Is God even Real.”

OK…This is damn scary now. Is God coming to get me??? Did he enter the body of some WordPress employee and cause them to send a warning to me???

I take the address of the referring website and try to go to it, and I get no results. After cogitating on this a few seconds I separate the dot com out of the address and viola It’s a site where you can log on incognito/hide your URL. I go back and check some of the other entries, and guess what…some of them are also about religious subjects. They all have that same “hide your URL” website listed as the originator.

I will confess that I am not that much of a computer “nerd” :-} so I don’t know the real ins and outs of what’s going on here…But I am suspecting GOD..or..SOMEONE, is out to get this web-page off the web, or at least stop people from reading it. :-} Wow, is it really possible someone would want to censor stuff??

Do you suppose someone at WordPress is behind this? I’m going to ask.

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