The Catholic Church and Adam and Eve

The Catholic Church faces a real conundrum; on the one hand they do accept much of evolution and the things that it implies. They do accept that much of the Old Testament is nothing but allegory, the Noachian Flood was not real, the earth (and universe) is billions of years old…not 6000, etc.. These tales are now allegorical, metaphorical, only meant to teach, not to be taken as true by Church members.

However there is one story that they dare not lose to allegory…that of Adam and Eve, the sole ancestors of the human race. Science has been telling us for a few years now that this story is impossible, that there was never a time when the human race was down to just two individuals, or eight with Noah and his extended family. The bones have been telling us this for many years now, DNA science has just recently confirmed this.

We also now know that we are related to the many ‘pre-human’ genus Homo’s that walked the earth well over 25,000 years ago. Our Homo-sapiens ancestry goes back at least 200,000 years to the African continent, and we know that most of us have a percentage of Neanderthal genes/blood in our makeup.

This is another instance of the Church fighting science, and losing, as they have for a few thousand years now. The information given above are not undocumented assertions, they are now proven and testable science.

If they admit that Adam and Eve are metaphorical beings (and they ARE), then Jesus (if he was real), died for a metaphor.

It’s either this or the Church must come up with a new explanation for the existence of ‘Original Sin’, and a totally new Dogma. Kinda’ plays havoc with the Catholic assertion that all human have a ‘soul.’

This could also segue into the controversy about abortion and when the fetus has a ‘soul’ or is ‘human’

Interesting times ahead I think.


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5 Responses to The Catholic Church and Adam and Eve

  1. John Quinn says:

    Anybody still clinging to Bronze Age Myths at this late date is lost anyway. Whenever I hear anything to do with church, I’m Automatically Bored & Turned OFF. Same old Crap, Same tired old Bull.

  2. Hey no blog posts for a long time. PLease keep writing your site is great!

  3. Anonymous says:

    why believe in the catholic church?

  4. Anonymous says:

    If everythng is an allegory and not factual, then there s no foundation, therefore why not just live according to your every whim and desire. If it feels good, do it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It isn’t mythical that we are complete shit to each other. All one has to do is remember the pain someone caused you, and admit the pain you have inflicted unto others to know that we are all imperfect beings. “sin” (literally meaning “to miss the mark” as in attempting to aim at the “bulls-eye” and missing) is real regardless of the hominid who did it first…(“ape shall not kill ape” yet here we are yet another Planet of the Apes sequel behind us…)

    Jesus (assuming he is real because nobody worth their PhD says otherwise…) he gave us the best code of conduct to live by and was killed as thanks.

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