Creation Science and Intelligent Design are Lies

“Albuquerque (New Mexico) Rep. Thomas Anderson introduced a bill that said teachers can’t be punished for sharing information with students, including different opinions on evolution, human cloning and climate change.

“The wording of the bill isn’t that bad, but it would lead to very obscure consequences in our public schools. Why are these people so concerned about other knowledge being provided? Different theories exist. Students should know about it,” Anderson said.”  Full story

This particular story kind of caught me by surprise.  I’m used to the crazy religious fundamentalists in the Deep Southern states trying to pass legislation to enable teaching of their “Intelligent Design” or “Creation Science” lies. I never imagined that a Southwestern state such as New Mexico would fall into the cradle of lies that evangelical fundamentalists weave. I guess you can’t stop stupid, all this time I thought the line was drawn at the Texas border.

They try to introduce these lies in schools under the guise of being “fair” and “teaching the controversy” …so the students can develop critical thinking skills. They try to make it seem that to be fair we should give the students the chance to decide on their own.

One of the replies to the story states: “When I was a kid, we were taught both so we could make up our own minds. Socialists don’t like different opinions…”

There is a serious flaw with these kinds of assertion from the religious. Public schools are not in the business of teaching lies and mistruths; they should only be teaching what is known to be true. It is not up to students to “Decide” or make up their own mind about which story is true.  They go to school to learn about the real world…not some looney made up religious lies about our origins and history.

When these students go to any reputable college to learn science…there is no choice, or deciding of, which science they are to be taught.  Go to Notre Dame, go to University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, go to the University of Utah…ALL religious schools.  Sign up for science classes and guess what…they teach real science; not Intelligent Design (ID), not Creation Science, which by the way are neither intelligent or science.

I can’t find any reputable college that teaches anything but real science. I can’t find a one that teaches ID or Creationism, so just how real is this religious “science” and why should it be taught in public schools? How can people like Rep. Thomas Anderson and his ilk in the Southern States think they are doing a good thing and “Helping” our schools, students, or society?  They are not.
Hell has apparently frozen over

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10 Responses to Creation Science and Intelligent Design are Lies

  1. It was this subject in Kansas that first introduced me to the Flying Spaghetti Monster a few years ago (I even wrote to the head Pastafarian, did you know he’s from Tucson!). ID is a scam to create a “controversy” where there isn’t one. Jeez even public schools 30 years ago didn’t teach this crap.

  2. Ccredential says:

    Life comes from life. There is no other way. All of the inorganic matter in the universe could not produce even the smallest of lifeforms. How did the first living thing come to be?

    • Plankton says:

      To claim that life only comes from life is an argument from ignorance. Because we don’t know the origins of life for certain doesn’t mean there is a default answer and we should stop researching it.

      “There is no other way”, because you cant imagine any other way doesn’t mean there isn’t.

      Life can only come from life is logically impossible. That would mean that every life form that exists would have to come from a previous life form and there would be an infinate series of life forms spanning into an infinate past. We know that is not the case.

      “All of the inorganic matter in the universe could not produce even the smallest of lifeforms”
      Whats your evidence for this assertion? I suggest you read about the Miller experiment.

      “How did the first living thing come to be?”
      Read up on abiogenesis

      • Ccredential says:

        Nice, so I am ignorant because you “don’t know?” Brilliant. Because you don’t know autmatically equates to I am wrong?

        Doesnot mean I am wrong either.

        Well I came from life and so did you. Nothing that is not alive can produce something that is living.

        I have read on Miller-Urey experiment and abiogenesis.

        We can just agree to disagree.


  3. Plankton says:

    I did not call YOU ignorant and it was not an attempt to insult you. I said your CLAIM was an argument from ignorance which means that a proposition is necessarily true because it has not been proven false.

    You claim “Life comes from life. There is no other way”. What I am saying is there is no accepted theory yet for the origins of life. Just because we don’t know doesn’t mean you or anyone can claim a default answer such as “Life comes from life. There is no other way”. What evidence we do have contradicts that claim. Plus like i mentioned its a logical fallacy.

  4. Ccredential says:

    Hi, and if there is no accepted theory does that autotamically mean that there is no design? How about starting with design and then doing the science.

    I know some think life began on crystals and others are just scared to offer an explanation and others seem to go along with the lightning and swamp theory.

    I used to believe in darwinian theory but now I don’t. But some (not necessarily you) believe I am ignorant because I belive in creation. I know I am not ignorant, so it is probably just fighting a losing battle, discussing with them.

    Not sure where we go from here. It has been nice talking with you.

    Take care


    • Plankton says:

      “if there is no accepted theory does that autotamically mean that there is no design”
      No that does not rule out design, the problem is there is no evidence for design. The evidence we do have contradicts the idea of design.

      “How about starting with design and then doing the science”

      But this is not how science works. Science draws conclusions from the evidence. It does not start with the conclusion and then search for evidence to support it.

      Also (sorry if i’m jumping to conclusions) darwinian theory has nothing to do with origins of life but only with the diversification of life.

      • Ccredential says:

        I wouldd say there is no evidence for design because people started with the idea that design is not an option.

        I understand that Darwin’s book is not on how life got here but what happened after it did.

        I am sure you have seen “Expelled”? It is Ben Stein’s movie. Anyway, yeah I believe how I believe because, I believe God showed me. But I have also read the science on it. But typically I don’t engage in these types of discussions. Unless it merges into other more philosophical topics.


  5. The Mitchells says:

    For the longest time I have been struggling with faith. I want to believe, but I just don’t. I went to see a “christian scientist” by the name of McMurty. He was not interested in spreading truth, just selling CD’s. The bible talks about people like him. Stay away, he lies to the weak of mind to make money. To find out the truth, just go to one of his talks. He refuses to answer questions that do not agree. He will only sell you a CD of book to line his pockets. By the time you haveread or watched it and have a question he is long gone and doesn’t answer e-mails. SNAKE OIL!

    • the word of me says:

      Snake oil is right. There have always been people who prey on the fears and gullibility of humanity. The churchs have been doing it for millennia, and as with anything that generates money there will be imitators.

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