Fastest Growing Religion in US

What is the fastest-growing religious group in our country?

A. Catholics

B. Southern Baptists.

C. Methodists

D. Lutherans

E. Non-denominational Christians.

F. None. As in…no religion at all.

I’ll give you a hint…I’m in that group, although I wouldn’t call it a ‘religious’ group…even though a lot of evangelical Christians like to tell me it is.

Go to the USA Today website HERE to find a state by state roundup of how the many various religious denominations or sects are getting along today.

There are 2 states that show ‘not-religious’ as the largest group.  Several states have not-religious as the number two on the list, and most all of the rest show that non-believers are the third largest group.

I view this as a positive sign that maybe humanity is waking up and moving into the present age and finally realizing that the 2000 year old book they call their Bible, is nothing but ancient nonsense written by men describing a phantom dream. There is no truth there…only myths.

Isn’t killing people in the name of God a pretty good definition of insanity?? Arthur C. Clarke

Truth Saves

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7 Responses to Fastest Growing Religion in US

  1. Marianne says:

    I am not surprised.

    People have messed God up so badly, that He does not even recognize Himself any more.

    God is still real and alive. He is not the strange creature people have made him up to be.

    That includes Richard Dawkin’s opinion as well.

  2. thewordofme says:

    Hi marianne, thanks for writing.

    Wonder why he doesn’t show himself and set the record straight?

  3. Marianne says:

    Signs and wonders are around, for people who are paying attention.

    Also, when someone is sovereign like that, they do not have to submit to our expectations.

    God has made Himself clear already in scripture, and also through the ministry of Jesus, who came to answer any question people had.

    So he already set the record straight. We are expected to read the record given us.

    Most people don’t. They just think on their own, or come up with their own thoughts and interpretations. They do not go back to see everything that God actually said.

    The IQ of most people ( sigh) is still “average,” and they do not think too much.

    People can be naturally dumb ( ave or lower IQ) or they can choose to be ignorant. The result is the same.

    The best way to have God reveal himself to you is to remain positive and open to Him. Just like anyone else, he avoids people who do not like him. 🙂

  4. thewordofme says:

    Hi again Marianne, thanks for your reply.

    You write:
    “Signs and wonders are around, for people who are paying attention.
    Also, when someone is sovereign like that, they do not have to submit to our expectations.
    God has made Himself clear already in scripture, and also through the ministry of Jesus, who came to answer any question people had.
    So he already set the record straight. We are expected to read the record given us.”

    Real problem with what you are saying here. The signs and wonders you are talking about tell the scientists and people who pay attention…that the world is a natural place and the things going on in it are purely natural.

    Looking around and paying attention and studying the world we find the evidence that there never was a world-wide flood, which means we are not descended from Noah’s 3 sons. We find that real humans have been walking the earth for at least 200,000 years (means that there was no Adam and Eve as the Bible relates), which also means there was no fall from grace in the Garden of Eden, which means there is no Original Sin…which also means there is no need for a redeemer for our (non-existent) original sin (Jesus).

    We also find by paying attention and looking at the evidence that there was no Tower of Babel because we know for a *fact* that humans were spread all over the earth many thousands of years before the Babel thing was supposed to happen. At that time there was at least 5 to 10 million people spread everywhere…I’ll bet you they weren’t grunting at each other, and I’ll also bet you their languages were already different…had been for thousands of years

    Jewish Archaeologists have determined in the last few years that the Exodus never happened and Joshua did not fight the battle of Jericho (I have a post on my blog about this, giving the details). So I’m thinking with all this circumstantial evidence available to those who have the intelligence to look and find it, that that old book that was put together by sheep/goat herders really is a scam and has no authority anymore because of the real evidence lined up against it.

    If you get a chance try to find out what main-line theological seminaries are teaching their prospective ministers. They know the *real* story behind the Bible.

    My wife is pretty religious and a few years ago she started wanting me to come to church and get baptized and all, so I figured that I would investigate what she wanted me to invest time and money into…boy was I surprised.

    So, I am not coming up with my own thoughts here. I am taking widely available real knowledge and using it to make an informed decision. Many people who are religious are very ignorant of what they are into, they have no idea of what has gone on in the history of Christianity and wouldn’t accept it anyway…the brainwashing has been going on too long for them, they are lost.



  5. Isaac says:

    The answer would take far too long but if you want an intelligent answer then read Terry Eagleton’s latest book “Reason, Faith, and Revolution.” He calls both Dawkins and Hitchens and Dichkins. Eagleton has double the brain power of both of them and unlike Hitchens he did not switch from being a Communist to a self styled atheist in order to make some money in the “I am an atheist” market. I do not know who this blogger is and based on my posts I hope that you can tell that I don’t give a hoot about any religion but I strongly recommend that you seek the truth whoever you are. Don’t be blinded by the latest fad. My favorite joke is “Prove that there is a G-d.”
    Well, look at the stars and the galaxies and all of these marvelous creations.
    “That is not proof. All of those came from nothing.”
    The next day I came across my friend and read him a beautiful poem. He asked me:
    “Wow, who wrote that beautiful poem?”
    Who? Nobody wrote that poem. Nobody!
    “What do you mean nobody wrote that poem? Somebody must have written it. It could not have written itself.”
    Of course it wrote itself. In the same way that the stars came into existence all by themselves, the same way this poem came into existence all by itslef.

    Of course this is not proof of anything, but after much (and I mean much) studying and meditating on the subject I am unable to understand how anybody can deny the existence of a Creator.

  6. marianne says:

    hi tworm

    I am a scientist that is paying attention. I have spent 30 years in biochemistry, which includes cell biology, toxicology, pharmacology, inflammation, biophysics of DNA and RNA, and medical research in general. Most scientists do not have any proof for what you say. It is all just “tradition.” They just assume evolution did this, and evolution did that. There is no proof. What the lay person perceives as proof is just scientific speculation, based on this traditional thinking.

    if someone finds a gene mutation, it is evolution. if someone finds it reverts back, it is evolution. If they find something new, it is evolution. If they find something old, it is evolution. Very tiring.

    you make several unsubstantiated comments. Like Noah did not exist. Well there are records of him, just like there are records of Julius Caesar. There was a garden of eden, and the description of what happened to it is consistent with the syrian african rift – most of it fell into this pit. The bible knew about this rift before modern science did. And the descriptions of the Garden match up with local areas, if you understand tectonic plate shifts.

    I do not accept the Jewish archeologist denying the Exodus or Joshua. I say the opposite. They are uncovering new evidence every day. They have sites where the Red Sea was crossed, and the pharoah’s chariots are still down there, under water. THey also have sites where the Israelites offered sacrifices in the desert, with hebrew symbols. The israelites were instructed to leave markers along their journey, and these markers have been found.

    Most modern church and theology seminaries are getting away from the truth, not going toward it. Much is crap. They need the holy spirit to know truth, not a man getting paid a salary. He is just a hireling.

    If you want to know Jesus, he will make himself known to you, in a way that is unique to you.

    As far as time on the earth, no data is any better than the tool that measures it. There is no realistic tool that can measure over 500o years. The rest is speculation, and going off the standard curve, which is bad science.

  7. thewordofme says:

    Hi Marianne,

    Go to front page of blog for my reply to you. 🙂

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